The Committee to Commemorate Old Yankee Stadium

Old Yankee Stadium - Gone But Not Forgotten!
R.I.P. 1923-2010

The 90th Anniversary of Old Yankee Stadium is April 18.  90 years ago, the greatest stadium in the history of America opened, and one man...George Herman Ruth homered in the Yankees win.

As the 90th Anniversary approaches, the CCOYS stadium is proposing that a large size statue of Babe Ruth be erected on or near the site of Old Yankee Stadium.

As one of several groups and organizations spearheading the effort to celebrate the life, career, and legacy of the greatest and most beloved athlete in history, as well as the Stadium in which he reached his zenith, the COMMITTEE to COMMEMORATE OLD (ORIGINAL) YANKEE STADIUM (CCOYS) encourages those who support our efforts, to let their voices be heard. 

Our Committee asks that a statue of Babe Ruth be located either outside the new Yankee Stadium or in the Park across the street; and that the Park with its’ three diamonds be named OLD YANKEE STADIUM FIELDS AT MACOMBS’ DAM PARK.  Naturally, the Fields inside the Park would bear names associated with the New York Yankees; the largest of the fields being called Babe Ruth (Memorial) Field. 

In comparison…George Steinbrenner has the largest plaque in Yankee Stadium’s Monument Park, and a life-sized bronze statue inside the Stadium.  He has also given his name to what was once called Legends’ Field in Tampa, Florida; as well as to a street in the same area.

Fans have unofficially voiced their support of these requests/propositions; and if any further verification is sought, one need only visit the COMMITTEE to COMMEMORATE BABE RUTH,,, or consult the recent article, Baseball Statues Aplenty, Many of Them in Unexpected Places, by Benjamin Hoffman of The New York Times (March 5, 2013).

Be sure to read the comments that follow his article.

Thank You,

Chris Jones, CCOYS


Check out a great article in the New York Times regarding Baseball Statues. Read it HERE!

Another goal of the CCOYS is to get the name of "Heritage Field" renamed to "Old Yankee Stadium Park" or "Old Yankee Stadium Fields at Macombs Dam Park".
We would also like to see the three designated fields named as seen below.

"Saving Gate 2 is bigger than the Yankees.  It's not a Yankee issue, or even a baseball issue.
It's a cultural, historical, architectural, and spiritual issue." - Chris Jones - CCOYS


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