The Committee to Commemorate Old Yankee Stadium             

Mission Statement:  

The Committee to Commemorate to Old Yankee Stadium has three urgent missions:
1) To Preserve Old Yankee Stadium Gate 2 as a permanent commemorative feature at Old Yankee Stadium Park.
2) To name the new park site of Old Yankee Stadium "OLD YANKEE STADIUM PARK", a majestically unique and infinitely more appealing, accurate, and appropriate name.  The currently proposed name has been widely criticized by Baseball, historical and architectural experts (as well as legions of informed fans and concerned citizens) as grossly common, bland, ambiguous, and terribly disconnected from the site's preeminent role in New York history, including its internationally unmatched history in Baseball.  (Indeed, there are many dozens of Heritage Parks and Fields across the country, including the Cleveland Indians "Heritage Park" - right in the AL East!!!)
3) To name the baseball field in Old Yankee Stadium Park, "BABE RUTH MEMORIAL FIELD" in tribute to the most renowned player and icon in Baseball history, and to replace the original "BABE RUTH MEMORIAL FIELD" which was destroyed to make room for new Yankee Stadium.  (BABE RUTH MEMORIAL FIELD was intended to be  a "permanent" tribute to Babe Ruth's immortal and unparalleled contributions to the City of New York.  It's destruction, along with the destruction of "The House That Ruth Built", leaves the City devoid of any public tribute to America's greatest and most beloved sports figure.
We are also currently applying to the U.S. Department of Interior for long-overdue National Landmark status for the site of Old Yankee Stadium, which will provide even further funds available to the City of New York for the preservation of Gate 2.

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