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Gate 2 Model Renderings - (What is might have looked like)

Thanks to Mike Hagan, Yankee Stadium Modeler, for these amazing model renderings of Gate 2

Thanks to Rick Kaplan for these amazing renderings of Gate 2.  Check out Rick's great website at:

Check out Rick's amazing work of Old Yankee Stadium at:

This was the latest Proposal by The Committee to Commemorate Old Yankee Stadium before the Gate was destroyed.
The stunning images which follow were rendered by Rick Kaplan as a visual statement proclaiming the magnificent possibilities surrounding the Saving of Gate 2 at Old Yankee Stadium and the naming of the park, Old Yankee Stadium Park with Babe Ruth Memorial Field.
Note the figures were added to give scale to the renderings.


Click here for some concept ideas of the inside of Gate 2.


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