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Watch these amazing videos on Gate 2 and the amazing history of Gate 2 and Yankee Stadium.

Thanks to Tim Reid for these great videos and everyone else who helped create them. 
Credits are posted for each video.  All videos are property of Tim Reid and are protected under copyright laws.
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The demolition of Gate 2.  A sad day in baseball....

Here is our latest video to show off the newest renderings proposed by the CCOYS.

Here is another.....

1.) Yankee Stadium Save the Gate

2.) Save the Gate at Yankee Stadium

3.) Save the Gate that Ruth Built

4.) "A Gate in the Life" of Old Yankee Stadium

5.) Top 9 Reasons to SAVE THE GATE at Old Yankee Stadium

6.) "Old Yankee Stadium" (SAVE THE GATE)

7.) Save the Gate - Old Timer's Day Chant

8.) Save Gate 2 and a Tribute to Yankee Stadium

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