Welcome to the page for the removal of the balconies from Gate 2 after demolition

Balcony Removal and Storage

Below is the sequence of events in which the balconies were removed after Gate 2 was taken down on March 31, 2010

Photo Credit: Mike H. - (c) 2010 - All Rights Reserved

April 4, 2010 - Easter Sunday - The balconies continue to lay under a blue tarp.

Photo Credit: Tom N. - (c) 2010 - All Rights Reserved

Photo 1 shows one of the balconies covered under a blue tarp.  Photo 2 includes the Turner Employees examining a second balcony.

Note: The tarp is not being used to "protect" the balcony from the weather.  It is being used to conceal the balcony.


Gate 2 Sign Theft

Below is a picture of the Gate 2 sign being taken from the Old Yankee Stadium Site

Note - They tried to fit the Gate 2 sign in the back of the dark red pickup truck pictured, but it was too big to fit.  The sign was then carried out of view between the blue and grey storage trailers.

Photo Credit: Tom N. - (c) 2010 - All Rights Reserved




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