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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


-What is the Save Gate 2 effort about?

The original 2005 plan to preserve a significant part of the original Yankee Stadium was changed recently to increase the replacement parklands.  Most Bronx community residents, NYC residents and NY Yankee fans are NOT aware that the current plan is for “The House that Ruth Built” to be totally demolished.  Our objective is to work with the Bronx Community, the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation and the NY Yankees in saving a small, historic, and architecturally beautiful portion of the old Yankee Stadium exterior wall at Gate 2.  Located near the intersection of River Avenue and 161st Street, it will serve as a dramatic gateway into the new Heritage Field.


-Why are you trying to Save Gate 2?

We wish to recognize and remember, through the preservation of Gate 2, the historical, cultural and architectural importance of the old Yankee Stadium.  This Gate stands proudly for all the fans, players and individuals who visited played and worked within her majestic confines.  With the move across the street to the New Yankee Stadium, this tangible “bridge” from the old and new will enhance that great continuum of Yankee history for the enjoyment of generations to come.


-What is the historical significance of Gate 2?

Gate 2 is the most architecturally significant element remaining from the original 1920’s era ballpark.  Gate 4 (behind homeplate) and Gate 6 (behind rightfield) were significantly modified as part of the 1973-76 renovations.  In fact, the Gate 2 image was chosen to represent The Stadium in the Official Yankee Stadium Last Season 1923-2008 logo.  Today, Gate 2 is 80% original and the small modifications made to the top portion are compatible with the 1920’s design.


-Isn’t it already too late to save Gate 2?

NO!  While this is urgent, it still can be isolated and protected from demolition.  As of late August 2009, final design plans for Heritage Field are only 50% complete and heavy demolition will begin with the removal of the Loge and then the Upper Tier.  The exterior walls will then be pulled inward using bulldozers.


-Will preserving Gate 2 take away from the replacement parklands?

No, Gate 2 would not take up significant space.  According to the Parks Department plan for Heritage Field, there is to be a sloped walk area in the current location of Gate 2.  If preserved, this would provide an area with steps (also already in place on the Stadium site) and a majestic entry point to the park itself.  Heritage Field is to be a 10 acre (435,600 square feet) park site.  Gate 2 would be approximately 1,000 square feet and at a sloped entrance point currently planned.  When all of this is taken into account, the monument would take up a minuscule amount of space.

-What is the environmental impact of the Gate 2 monument?

The gate is in a position where any shade would fall to the North, over 161st St. and not over the planned Heritage Field or over any planned trees.  Also, with the current louvers and closed up windows re-opened, breezes would be able to flow through the monument.


-Will this effort further delay the completion of Heritage Field?

No, preserving Gate 2 will not change the NYC Parks Plan timeline for completion by Fall-Late 2011.


-What are the benefits for all of the stakeholders (residents, local businesses NYC, others)?

Preserving Gate 2 would create a dignified monument to the rich history of the Bronx, the Yankees and all that happened within Yankee Stadium's once majestic confines.  Commemorating such a celebrated piece of history as a grand entrance to Heritage Field would also serve to make the monument a sort of Arch of Triumph for the borough of The Bronx and would most definitely be a tourist destination, encouraging significant business to many local establishments all year long.  Indeed, it could be made a focal point of the community off season enhancing local business revenues.


What is the structural integrity of Gate 2 and what would it take to preserve it as a permanent monument?

The current structural integrity of historic Gate 2 is sound and could be preserved by using existing steel and concrete supports as well as constructing some minimal newer bracing to ensure its safety and stability for many years to come.  This bracing would not interfere with the monument itself and would be limited to a very discrete amount of new materials.  Made of super-hard Edison Portland cement, Gate 2 is almost indestructible.


-How much will this cost to preserve and then maintain?

Assessments from several architects and structural engineering firms have determined this would be a fairly simple/straightforward project and estimated that the cost would be a small fraction (less than 2%) of the overall cost to reconstruct the original stadium and build the replacement parklands.  The Gate as a free standing structure would require minimal on-going maintenance.


-What is the Yankees position and role in this?

To date, the Yankees have declined to comment on the proposal.  The parklands replacement is a NYC Parks effort and responsibility.


-Who has been approached and contacted already?

Mayor Bloomberg, NYC Department of Parks, Bronx Officials, The Yankees, celebrities, major and local media outlets, etc.


Below is a partial list of individuals contacted:

NYC Officials

Michael Bloomberg-Mayor

Adrian Benepe-Commissioner, NYC Parks

Hector Aponte-Commissioner, Bronx Parks

Ruben Diaz, Jr.-Bronx Borough President

Bronx Community Board #4

            -Ms. D. Lee Ezell-Chairperson

            -Mr. Jose Rodriguez-District Manager

Ken Podziba-Commissioner, NYC Sports Commission

Lloyd Ultan-The Bronx Historian



The Steinbrenner Family and all Yankees Executive Management

Marty Appel

Yogi Berra

Jim Bouton

David Cone

Whitey Ford

Derek Jeter

Don Larsen

Bobby Richardson

Moose Skowron

Bob Sheppard

Dave Winfield


Key Individuals

Babe Ruth’s Family-Linda Ruth Tosetti

Billy Crystal

Foley’s-Shaun Clancy

Rudy Guiliani

Mickey Mantle’s-Bart Alexander

Turn 2 Foundation



ABC TV-Eyewitness News

Baseball Digest Live

Eastern Shore News


Fox & Friends News

Newark Star Ledger

New Haven Register

News 12 Cablevision

River Avenue Blues-YES Network

Sports Illustrated

The NY Daily News

The NY Post

The NY Times

USA Today Sports Weekly


WINS 1010 AM

WGBB 1240 AM

WRCR 1300 AM

Yahoo Sports


-What has been the reaction and feedback received?

Overwhelmingly positive, 15,000+ website hits, 450+ Guest Book comments and hundreds of supportive e-mails received.

-Where can I get more information?


On our web-site you will find:

-our complete proposal, including video, pictures, and graphics


-recorded interviews/radio broadcasts

-contact information for our committee via e-mail



-What is the call to action, next steps, and how can I help?


The most important thing to do right now is be active!

What are you interested in doing?


1) Please tell your family and interested friends


-Expanding our network of supporters is critical.

-Do you know anyone that can influence the outcome and Save Gate 2?


2) Write letters, e-mails and make telephone calls


Letters to the Mayor, which can be downloaded directly from our website, as well as letters to any other NYC officials (NYC Parks Department, Bronx Borough Officials, Council members, Senators, Representatives), media outlets (both local and national), and the Yankees are not only simple but can help spread the word in a big way and get this outstanding piece of American history preserved for future generations!  Writing letters are as easy as downloading, printing, signing and mailing them out to the respective party.


3) Contact a committee member via e-mail or telephone NOW!


Mark Costello

New York


Chris Jones



Richard Lillard



John Trush

New Jersey




Thanks for your continued support and help!


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