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Brad's Acknowledgement Page

I many people to thank for making this possible.  First off, I want to thank my wife, Tara, and sons Gehrig, and Jeter for letting me have to time to create this site.  Without their support, none of this would be possible.  I also want to thank my mom and dad, and my sister and her family.  I thank the rest of the family for all of their support and encouragement.  Over the past 20 years now, I have gotten to meet hundreds of Yankees fan all over the world.  I have had the chance to be featured on television many times, and have gotten to appear in many websites, and been mentioned in books and articles written about the Yankees.  I have also had the opportunity to meet many amazing people face to face.  From Yankee Greats such as Joe Torre, Johnny Damon, Jimmy Leyritz, Lou Pinella, Willie Randolph, Sparky Lyle, Ron Guidry, Fritz Peterson, Graig Nettles, Chris Chambliss, and Don Mattingly to other special athletes and coaches such as Gary Carter, Gerry Cooney, Brian Leetch, Ted Nolan, Bobby Nystrom, Brandon Steiner, Peter Laviolette, Ramon Hamrlik, and many others.  I look forward to continuing to bring the history of the New York Yankees to life and sharing it with Yankees and baseball fans all around the world.

As much knowledge as I have myself, and that can be limited, I know there are many people, books, and websites that I needed to help create this site.

Below are some of the Organizations and websites that I have used to verify information on this site.  I thank them for their great sites and contributions.

  1. National Baseball Hall of Fame
  2. Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association
  3. Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center
  4. Yankees Universe
  20. Grey Flannel Auctions

Below are some people I would like to thank for their insight on the game, their friendship, and their dedication to the New York Yankees.

  1. George Steinbrenner III
  2. Linda Ruth Tosetti
  3. Michael Hagan
  4. Tom Noonan
  5. Chris Jones
  6. Cindy Jones
  7. Tim Reid
  8. Michael Wagner
  9. Dr. Harvey Frommer
  10. Paul Doherty
  11. Marty Appel
  12. Ed Alstrom
  13. Gary Moore
  14. Fred Mann
  15. J. Balducchi
  16. Marty Gerendasy
  17. Carlton Schooley
  18. Lonn Trost
  19. Fred J. Mann

Finally, I must thank the entire New York Yankees Organization.  Without them, there would be no reason to create a website about the greatest sports franchise in the history of sports.

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