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Robert John Plump Jr. - (December 2, 1958 - May 7, 2010)
This page is dedicated to Karin. Johnny, and Jamie.

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"POWER TO THE PEOPLE" - Robert J. Plump Jr.


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Bob grew up in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey.  He attended Dorchester Elementary School and was a graduate of Pascack Hills High School in Montvale, New Jersey in 1977.  He went on to attend Embry Riddle Aeronautical University where he graduated with a bachelor of science degree in Aeronautical Studies.

Bob's love of flying began at an early age.  His father, Robert John was a Navy pilot and corporate pilot for Olin Mathieson Corporation.  As a young boy, he knew that he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps.

His professional flying career began in 1988, when he was hired by Eastern Metro Airlines in Atlanta, Georgia to fly their DASH-8 Aircraft.  It was here that he met wife Karin of 21 years.  At that time she was a flight attendant for Eastern Airlines.  He was then offered a position with Midway Airlines, based in Chicago.  He flew their DC-9 aircraft until the airline went under.  From there, he went to Henson Airlines and moved to New Bern, North Carolina.  In 1992, Karin and Bob were blessed with the arrival of their son, Robert John Plump, III. (Johnny)

In 1993, Bob was offered a position with DHL where he spent the next 17 years.  He served as both a 727 Captain/727 Flight Instructor for DHL.  The family moved to Union, Kentucky and it was there that their daughter, Jamie Nicole Plump was born in 1999.  Bob's love of flying was only surpassed by his love of family and friends.  Bob's flying career may be over now, but his legacy will continue to soar in the hearts of his family and friends forever.


 Bob received his flight training certifications at Flight Safety International in Vero Beach Florida in 1978-1979.  He then continued his education in aviation at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida.  His areas of service were: AQP Check Airman for Initial and Recurrent Training / Oversight Authority of Simulator Instructor / Ground School Instructor- Member of team that developed courses / Human Factors and Threat / Error Management Instructor and a Member of Flight Standards Advisory Committee.  Over the years, Bob was a Captain, BA-3100 and First Officer, DHC-8.  He was First Officer on a DC-9.  He was First Officer on a DHC-8.  He was then a Captain on a B-727.  He ended his flight career in 2010 as a First Officer on a B-757/767.  Bob also had many certifications that included Flight Training, FAA Representative for Airman, Airline Transport Pilot, Flight Engineer, and Designated Flight Engineer Examiner.

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I was an old friend of your Uncle Bob and knew him for 37 years.  I played basketball and ran track with Bob in High School.  After I graduated from college I use to make visits to Embry Riddle to hang out with Mike Blake and Bob in Daytona when we were young men.  I remember how happy he was at his wedding as he started his new life and eventually his new family.  Since then, we would call each other about once per year and exchange family Christmas Cards.  I am very sorry for your loss and very saddened.  My prayers are with Karin, Jamie, and Johnny.
Sent via email: Jim J. Chiari - Atlanta, GA

I have so many great memories of Bob. I was lucky that Bob grew up very close to me. We had a fierce study group in elementary school with one purpose, to finish as fast as possible so we could go out and play.  Bob's mom stocked a pretty good kitchen so the food was good too. I even had a chance to visit Bob at his college in Florida. What struck me looking back over so many years was the fact that all I could remember was a person that got along with everyone, was always nice and was the kind of person that I would like to be. Bob, you and your family will always be in my prayers.
Sent via email: Kevin Onderdonk, Irvine California

Bob will forever be in our hearts. His gregarious personality was always a breath of fresh air. He had a unique talent for welcoming each person he met with warmth. We could always look forward to a hearty handshake, slap on the back or enveloping hug each time we met. When Bob entered the scene, you could count on engaging conversation with a master storyteller. We found ourselves chuckling days later as we recalled one of his stories, replete with his unique view of any situation. Our hearts were always lighter after an encounter with Bob and we are richer for having known him. Our love and thoughts are with you.
Posted by: Tom, Brenda and Russ Neeley Lebanon, OH   Jun 10, 2010

Dear Karin, Johnny and Jamie, I never had the privilege of knowing you all, but certainly had the honor of being able to call Bob one of my friends. We worked together for over 10 years and always had a very deep respect for one another to go along with our friendship. Words don't do much to comfort a family in times like these, I wish they could. But do know that my, and my family's thoughts and prayers are with you all. Bob was a wonderful person who has left lasting impressions upon a multitude of people, in that regard his spirit will always be with us and we have all been blessed to have known him.
Posted by: Greg Bean Knoxville, TN   Jun 10, 2010

Karin, Johnny and Jamie, We were shocked and saddened to hear of Bob's passing. We will keep each of you in our thoughts and prayers. Sam, Kris, Sam, Katie and Matthew Hollon.
Posted by: Sam and Kris Hollon Springboro, OH   Jun 09, 2010

Karin, Johnny, Jamie, We are so saddened to hear about the passing of Bob. He had such a great sense of humor and fun. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless, Dave, Joanne, Evan, Dylan
Posted by: The Wilsons Springboro, OH   Jun 09, 2010

Karin, Johnny and Jamie Bob is so loved; his light will forever shine on the people he touched. I’m so sorry, may the support of friends and family and the love of God bring you comfort in the days ahead. Bob, you will be missed by many. I appreciated your friendship, your desire to want the best for your family as well as everyone else you came into contact with, and your competitive/intense nature. Thanks for helping us win the last organized basketball league I ever played in. It was fun showing the younger players we still had the skills to beat their butts.
Posted by: David Dinn Hebron, KY   Jun 09, 2010

Karin and family, I was truly saddened to hear of Bobby's passing, such an old friend from our high school days and beyond. I remember the last time we saw each other and how proud he was of his family and of course that huge smile. You are all in my thoughts at this truly difficult time.
Posted by: Karen Collins Kelley Ipswich, MA   Jun 09, 2010

Karin, Johnny, & Jamie, I was deeply saddened when I learned of Bob's passing. Bob was truly a character & one of my favorite YMCA characters. I always enjoyed the time I got to talk to Bob @ the front desk about different sports when he'd come to the Y. My favorite memory of Bob was when he'd come into the Y with Jamie. I also work at Clearcreek Elementary and I would pick on Jamie @ recess because I knew she was a YMCA kid. Well they would come in and Jamie would see me and laugh and stick her tongue out @ me and Bob would always tell her to apologize even if she was joking, after the apology, EVERY time, Bob would turn his back and Jamie would giggle and do it again. Bob would just stare @ me and say "She did it again didn't she Ian?" and would just shake his head and smile. I'm going to miss Bob not coming in anymore. I enjoyed black shades and Jersey-style fist pounds. May you find comfort in God during his tough time. Bob will always be with you as you go on through life. God Bless, Ian
Posted by: Ian Herald (Coffman YMCA) Carlisle, OH   Jun 09, 2010

To the Family of Bob Plump, I was very saddened to hear of Bob's passing. I had the distinct pleasure of being in the new hire class with Bob. Bob was always good for a laugh or two for he had a way about him that brightened the day. I will always hear in my head a particular saying he had when he got an instructor's question right. He will be missed.
Posted by: Terry Wiegand Spencer, IA   Jun 09, 2010

Karin, Johnny & Jamie, We are so sorry to hear of Bob's passing. I will remember the support he always had for our basketball team and how much of a team guy he was. He was interested in all the boys and always talked about how well we played together. I hope you find peace in the coming months and years. We will have you in our thoughts and prayers. Jeff, Karen, and Conner Lash
Posted by: Jeff Lash    Jun 09, 2010

I'm very sad to have not had the pleasure in meeting Bob while at Omni Air. He will always be flying with us and you. God bless. Erik Neborski DC-10/Omni Air International
Posted by: Erik Neborski Boca Raton, FL   Jun 08, 2010

Karin, Johnny and Jamie, We wanted to express our deepest sympathy for the loss of Bob to all of you. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. May god be with your family through this difficult time. Sincerely. Jim and Tracy Ratcliff and family
Posted by: Tracy Ratcliff Union, KY   Jun 08, 2010

I wanted to relay my deepest sympathy to Plump family for the loss of Bob. He will be missed more than he could have know. Dr. Phillip Dinn
Posted by: Phil Dinn Florence, KY   Jun 08, 2010

Met Bob in new hire ground school in Tulsa. He is very sincere and I will miss him. God bless.
Posted by: Jon Aguiar Vancouver, WA   Jun 08, 2010

To the Plump family, Bobs passing leaves a wound that will no doubt take time to heal. But when you think of the good times add this to the list. I interviewed with Bob at Omni and found out real quick that Bob was a hoot to be around. I was on the receiving end of a huge bear hug during our interview process. We were all nervous and had just been offered jobs and I made some light hearted comment to ease the tension in the room. Everybody else is shaking hands and Bob "O" was hugging. When we were in water survival training after the pool session in the locker room Bob saw an opportunity to snap a towel at one of our classmates backside. We all rolled on the floor with laughter. Bob was larger than life and a lot of fun to be around. He will be missed at Omni. Clear skies and tailwinds Bob "O"
Posted by: Dave Cameron Norwalk, IA   Jun 08, 2010

I am very sorry to hear about Bob's passing. He was truly a wonderful person. He always had a smile and a good word for everyone he met. He brightened up everyone's day with his compassion and wit. He will be sorely missed by family and friends. Happy trails Bob until we meet again.
Posted by: Dan Regan Santa Barbara, CA - friend from Woodcliff Lake   Jun 08, 2010

Johnny, Our prayers are with you and we are saddened by your loss. I enjoyed those times in the stands with your Dad watching you and Brent play. We will miss him. He was your biggest fan and cheerleader.
Posted by: Pete Langhorne Family Cincinnati, OH   Jun 08, 2010

Jeannie, Fran and Family, No words could ever express our feelings hearing of your loss. Our deepest and heartfelt sympathy. Love, Joan, Anne and Johnny
Posted by: John Petrolino Manchester, NJ   Jun 08, 2010

Karin, Johnny, and Jamie, Our family was deeply saddened and heartbroken to hear of Bob's passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. It has been an honor, a pleasure, a delight to meet and get to know the Plump family through Bishop Fenwick High School and the Bishop Fenwick Boys Basketball Program. Bob was larger than life and a booming presence. He never met a stranger, always willing to extend his hand. His eyes lit up when he spoke of Karin, Johnny, and Jamie. His eyes lit up when he watched Johnny play ball. He always had words of encouragement and an "Atta boy!" for every boy in the basketball program. What a standup guy. He will be sorely missed. Rest in Peace Bob Plump! The Fink Family
Posted by: Tony, Janet, Kelly, Ethan, and Jacob Fink Middletown, OH   Jun 08, 2010

To the Plump Family, Bob was a great person and a wonderful friend at PHHS. May God Bless you and may Bob rest in peace.
Posted by: Joe Ditolla Cypress, TX   Jun 08, 2010

Karin, Johnny, Jamie I am so sorry for your/our loss, Bob was a person that you meet and never forget.  I am grateful that I was a friend and neighbor of Bob and will never forget him and will truly miss him!!! God Bless
Posted by: Blake Dever ft Mitchell, KY   Jun 07, 2010

I knew Bobbie since Grammar School. He was a wonderful person and true friend. We always had a special connection growing up and I treasured our friendship. My thoughts and prayers are with his family at this most difficult time.
Posted by: Beth Braunstein Felixson Hillsdale, NJ - friend from Woodcliff Lake   Jun 08, 2010

Bob's "bigger than life" presence will be missed. We are deeply saddened by your loss. Karin.....we are thinking of you and the kids! It was an honor to have known Bob! With our sincerest condolences, Bob and Roz Price
Posted by: Roz Price Springboro, OH - friend of family   Jun 07, 2010

To Bob's family and friends, I just want to pass along my condolences and my prayers for you and your family during this difficult time. Bob was a recent friend of mine, as we interviewed at Omni together and worked for DHL in Ohio, but did not know each other. While in training, Bob kept us in laughter and always had a great attitude toward learning and the class. On weekends, I would find "hole in the wall" places to go eat breakfast, and Bob would join me. We had a great time and he always made me laugh. I will miss his smile and laughter. I will continue to pray for you Karin and your two sons during this time. May God be with you during this time. Sincerely, David Morton
Posted by: David Morton PVB, FL   Jun 07, 2010

Although Robert was only part of our pilot group for short time, he left a very favorable impression. His presence will be missed. His family will be in our thoughts at this particularly difficult time. Jerry Pryce Omni Teamsters 1224 Membership Chairman
Posted by: Jerry Pryce Independence, OR   Jun 07, 2010

We are heartbroken over Bob's death. May God bless you all and give you strength! Bob had many friends and will be missed!
Posted by: Langenkamp Family SPRINGBORO, OH   Jun 07, 2010

Bob and I became friends in 1978 as we worked our way through flight training at Vero Beach and then ERAU in Daytona. Bob was also my roommate at ERAU .We studied and hung out on the beach together. I will never forget Bob and I taking a long weekend to drive my old Buick to visit his folks, what a great time! To Bobs family my thoughts and prayers are with you sincerely Halsey Langdon.
Posted by: Halsey Langdon Linthicum, MD   Jun 07, 2010

Karin, Johnny & Jamie, We are heart broken over the passing of your Dad and husband. In the short two year's we knew Bob he became a very good friend. He was my kind of guy, with a great laugh, great humor, a guy you wanted to be around. We will truly miss him forever and are here for you always. Bret, Debbie, Wes and Elissa Sander
Posted by: Bret, Debbie, Wes & Elissa Sander Middletown, OH - Friend   Jun 07, 2010

Knew each other from H.S. and reconnected at a couple of reunions. A good friend to all with a ready laugh or smile. You will be missed.
Posted by: Tara Albini-Spence VA   Jun 07, 2010

Johnny & Family, Know that my prayers are with you guys & my family is thinking of yours during this hard time. Your dad was a great man. Let us know if you need anything. The Hawkins
Posted by: Lauren Hawkins Middletown, OH   Jun 07, 2010

To the Plump family, I am so sorry to hear about Bobby... I was lucky enough to have grown up with him in Woodcliff lake, NJ and considered him a friend. We both took French together and needless to say neither of us could speak three words of it, but we laughed so much together. God Bless, he will be so missed.
Posted by: Robert Lull Kinnelon, NJ - Friend   Jun 07, 2010

Bobby was one of the most spirited and kind hearted persons I've ever known. If ever I was down he could always manage to lighten up my mood and eventually had me laughing. I will always remember our great times we spent at PHHS. My dear friend, you are truly missed by so many, especially by me.... My deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to the Plump family. Rest in peace my friend.
Posted by: Francine Ganguzza Clifton, NJ - Good Friend   Jun 06, 2010

Oh Karin, Aunt Fran, Jeannie, Ronnie, Brad, and Kristen. I am crying out loud. It hurts so much. Someday we will be consoled by the memory of his voice, his smile, and his pure and radiant love. I love you my brother, you brought it down safely, the big guys are are proud, and waiting to hug you when you get home. Little Carl
Posted by: Carl Padovano Mahwah, NJ   Jun 06, 2010

Our hearts are heavy with the loss of our best of friends. He is very special to all of us. God speed my friend, as fly to the west and may the Lord be with you...
Posted by: Bill McCormick Simpsonville, SC   Jun 06, 2010

Wow sorry to hear about Bobs passing the last time I saw Bob was about 26 years ago when I bumped into him in Florida. He was always a very cool, fun loving, likeable person, I am sure he was that way through out his life. God Bless you Bob, see Ya again on the other side.
Posted by: Thomas Hustedt - Pascack Hills Classmate   Jun 06, 2010

I send my love to you and wand you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you with the loss of Bobby. He had a special place in the hearts of all that knew him and his presence will be missed. His smile and warmth and outgoing personality will always be remembered. Know that as Bobby entered into Heaven that he was welcomed, not only by Our Lord, but also by his Father and Uncle Don, where he will join them in watching over you all from Heaven above. May you all find comfort with the special memories and times that you spent together as a family. May God bless you and hold you all in the palm of His hand. With all my love, Cioci Stasia (and Uncle Don too)
Posted by: Stasia Plump Myrtle Beach, SC   Jun 05, 2010

To My Uncle Bob, You were the greatest uncle anyone could ever ask for. In many ways, you were like a father to me. I always looked up to you and all that you did. I was so proud to call you my uncle and I loved telling people all the great stories about you to them. Your warmth, smile, and attitude will stay with me forever. I will miss you more than you ever know. I love you Uncle Bob. To Karin, Johnny, and Jamie...Love, Prayers, Thoughts, and Well Wishes. Bob will smile down on you all for the rest of your lives, help guide you in the right direction, and protect you from harm. We all love you so much Bob...You inspired us all and will do so forever...
Posted by: Bradford H. Turnow Center Moriches, NY   Jun 05, 2010

Johnny, You are in our prayers. We are here if you need anything. Love, Allison and Ricky Pearce
Posted by: Ricky and Allison Pearce Middletown, OH   Jun 05, 2010

My vivid memories of Bobby include our wonderful high school friendship senior year, our beautiful prom date filled with laughter and fun, and most of all the sweetness and kindness of his heart. His smile could light up a room, take away any sadness, mend any hurt. I truly miss Bobby and I pray that he is at peace. Whenever I see a plane flying overhead I will think of him, knowing that he is looking down at us and smiling. Until we meet again my friend. With love, Nancy
Posted by: Nancy Wahler Mayfield Spring Hill, FL - Friend   Jun 05, 2010

Only the good die young. I will always remember your bright eyes, your amazing smile, and our great times at PHHS!!
Posted by: Susan Rubenstein Wompierski Cinnaminson, NJ   Jun 05, 2010

To Bob's family I am very sad and sorry to see one of my best buddies in the world gone. We had so many laughs together and we always lived live to the fullest. Bob came to visit me and my son in NY last summer. I have many photos of that trip. If you need anything from me or just want to talk feel free to contact me. I will miss the Rooster forever!
Posted by: Dan Brady Shanghai, OH   Jun 05, 2010

Bob will always be remembered in our memories as an individual that we were proud to be friends with.
Posted by: David Moritz Valparaiso, IN   Jun 05, 2010

Dear Karen and children We wish to extend our condolences to you and all your family during this painful time. When things quiet down in the weeks to come, we will be checking in on you to see if you need anything. Sincerely Steve and Nancy
Posted by: Steve Colangelo & Nancy O'Keefe Florence, KY - coworker & friends   Jun 05, 2010

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. Both my husband and I worked with Bob for many years and I have fond memories of sharing stories of his family over lunches in the cafeteria. May God bless and watch over you during these tough times. Brad and Lori DeVinney
Posted by: Lori Loveland, OH   Jun 04, 2010

I am so deeply shocked and sorry for your loss. Bobby was a very special friend of mine at Pascack Hills HS, and we attended the Senior Prom together. Bobby was warm, funny and smart, and always a gentleman. I will always remember him as a person who was kind hearted to everyone he met, and especially kind to me. My thoughts and prayers are with Bobby and his family. Love, Nancy Wahler Mayfield
Posted by: Nancy Wahler Mayfield Spring Hill, FL   Jun 04, 2010

Karin, Johnny and Jamie, Our family would like to send our condolences to your family in this time of grief. We briefly knew Bob from watching Johnny at Fenwick basketball games. He was a nice and gentle person who enjoyed watching his son play basketball. Our prayers for you during this time.
Posted by: The Rapier Family, Tim Katie, Angela, Amanda and Aimee Hamilton, OH   Jun 04, 2010

My condolences to you and your family. Bob always meant the world to me. I will miss that crazy man that was my first sim instructor at DHL when I was hired 15 years ago. He had an intensity that was quite unique, but you could always tell the man cared so deeply about what he did and whom he surrounded himself with. Although I haven't seen Bob in years after leaving DHL, I truly miss my conversations with him and his outlook on things. You always knew where Bob stood on a topic, and I respected that from him and the good person he was. My love, thoughts, and prayers go out to you in your time of need and sorrow, God Bless you and you family.
Posted by: Rich Millar Indianapolis, IN   Jun 04, 2010

Dear Karin, Johnny and Jamie, It is with great sorrow that Maura and I learn of Bob's passing. We consider ourselves very fortunate to count Bob and Karin as our friends. You will always be in our hearts and prayers. Bob was a very special person. He touched people with his kindness and genuine concern for others. His family meant everything to him. As neighbors, I will always remember Bob playing with young Johnny. He always spoke with great pride in both Johnny and Jamie. He is one of the few people that I always felt comfortable being around. A very honest and trustworthy man. A dedicated professional at work and loyal friend in life. All of us that had the pleasure to know Bob will miss him dearly. May God be with you and provide comfort in these difficult times.
Posted by: Tom Brinton Denver, CO   Jun 04, 2010

"Bob was a good soul - a man liked by everyone. I always enjoyed having him as an instructor, because I knew I was going to learn something. His booming voice coming over my shoulder until I got it right and heard that "Atta boy!".  I am a better pilot because of Bob and am a better man for knowing him.  RIP Bob" - From: Likeabat

"I met Bob years ago while flying as PAX into I believe CVG. We had a very nice conversation about the first Midway Airlines and DHL (where he was at the time). He told me flying stories and as we exited said, "My last name's Plump! Like big, shouldn't be too hard to remember!"  Nice guy, so sad for him and his family. RIP" - From: OldAg84

"Bob was a good soul. He was never my instructor, and yet he always remembered my name and particulars. He was A1 and we should let his family know. May he rest in peace and not have suffered. He will be missed!" - From: Bronco85

I came to DHL in January 2001. After having made it through ground school, Bob was to give me my the oral quiz for my evaluation and I started right out of the gate by screwing up my performance calculation. After passing the computer based preflight based portion of the exam, we sat down in the cockpit mock-up of the Boeing 727 (the "paper tiger") and Bob began quizzing me on the various buttons, knobs and aircraft systems of the 727. Because I had screwed up the performance problem, Bob was gonna make sure that this part of the exam was exceptionally thorough. After two hours of questions, we were nearing the end of the exam and as he pointed to one of the last sections of the cockpit, Bob winked at me and said, "hang in there Tom, we're almost done". After I passed the exam, Bob shook my hand and said, "Ya know ya started in the hole with that performance part, but you never gave up and ya did a great job." Later, Bob also gave me my check-ride in the simulator and after we were done, he said, "Ya know ya had a lot of things going on there at the end, engines on fire, crankin down gear, trying to get it safely on the ground and all, but you worked all the way to the ground and passed. You're the kind of guy I want to fly with because if anything ever went wrong you're gonna fight and fight to the very end." What an encouragement! To this day, those words encourage me to be that kind of person. Bob always reminded me a little of Sergeant Kilgore played by Robert Duvall in Apocalypse Now...very intense, yet very caring and full of life. It's what made him always seem younger than he was. Your husband and father was without a doubt one of my favorite people to be around at DHL. He's one of those guys that made working there fun,....even when it wasn't. I will miss my friend Bob. I grieve your loss and send out my prayers and yall work through this difficult time.  Tom Perkins DHL 2001-2010

Karin, Johnny, and Jamie, 
We were shocked and saddened to hear of Bob's passing.   I knew the flight would be fun or the training period exciting when I saw Bob's name on the schedule.  I'll miss Bob sorely.  We are sorry for your loss.  You are in our thoughts and prayers. - David and Linda Hobbs,  DHL/Astar,  Lebanon Ohio


Robert J. Plump Jr. age 51, of Springboro, OH; passed away unexpectedly. Robert was born in New Jersey on December 2, 1958 to Robert Plump Sr. and Frances (Kowalski) Plump. He is survived by his wife of 21 years Karin (Green) Plump; 2 children Robert “Johnny” Plump III and Jamie Plump; a sister Jeanne Turnow and husband Ron; his mother Frances Plump., a niece Kristen Heintz and husband T.J.; a nephew Brad Turnow and wife Tara. Mass of Christian Burial will be Tuesday June 8, 2010 at 10am at St Mary Church 1st and Main St Franklin, OH with Rev. Ed Pratt celebrant. In lieu of Flowers donations can be sent to American Heart Association. Please visit to send an online condolence.

Eulogy and Readings


Robert John Plump Jr. - Read by Bradford H. Turnow (Nephew)

When life caves in, you do not need reasons – you need comfort.  You do not need answers – you need someone.  And Jesus does not come to us with an explanation – He comes to us with His presence. – Bob Benson

The first thing I remember about my Uncle Bob was food.  Strange enough, but it is true.  My uncle was such an amazing athlete and in such great shape, that he could eat whatever he wanted, and never gain a pound.  Fa-Fa used to always tell my sister and I about all the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches he would eat.  I remember when he lived with us in Hillsdale, he would eat a simple breakfast consisting of 5 to 6 fried eggs, of course cooked in the bacon grease of the 8 to 10 slices of bacon he made, and wash it down with an uncooked English Muffin or two.  He would always tell me, I don’t have time to wait for the English Muffins to cook.  So he ate them straight from the package.  Covered in butter or cream cheese of course.  Down they went.  For lunch, I remember he would take me out to McDonald’s all the time.  He would get up to the counter and place the order.  2 Quarter Pounders with Cheese, 2 Large Fries, 1 Large Chocolate Shake, and 2 Apple Pies.  Then he would look at me and say, “Oh, I’m sorry, did you want to get something too?”  All Bob needed was a few quick minutes and it was all gone.  Then I’d catch him eating the extra fries off of my plate. To me, he was the coolest guy in the world.  I was proud to share my fries with him.


My uncle Bob had many famous sayings and words.  One of my favorites was "out".  Whenever you asked my Uncle Bob where he was going, he would simply tell you "out".  When I was a young boy, I would ask him, "What does 'out' mean"?  He would look at me and simply say, "It means 'out'".  This became a familiar saying that my uncle would use often with the family.  I thought about it on many occasions.  At first, I always took it as he meant, "It is none of your business."  But as the years went on, I learned it meant something much different. I now know what he meant was something more simple.  "Out" simply meant I have a place in mind to begin my journey, but I do not know where it is going to end.  Bob was so social that he never knew where he would end up.  He could start a conversation with anyone, at any time, at any place.  With a friend or a total stranger, at daybreak or in the middle of the night, at a ballgame, or at an airport.  He would become your buddy in mere seconds. He always made you feel like you were his best friend. He would start his journey for the day in one place, and I do not think he ever ended his journey in the same place he began it.  He could visit 10 different friends or family members in a day.  And to each one of those people, he was honest, funny, spirited, and most importantly...genuine.  You always knew where Bob stood.  There was no gray area with Bob.  That is what I loved and admired about him.  My uncle's journey has not come to an end....He has simply started another conversation somewhere else....He is now in heaven.  Maybe he is sitting down talking to a former college roommate, a fellow pilot, playing a round of golf with his father Pop-o, or simply talking to God about his wonderful family.  What I do know now is that "out" means a beginning.  A simple beginning of where to start your day and then deciding which people will be touched by your presence.  Bob has touched everyone with his presence and his going "out" now means everyone in heaven will now get to enjoy and share what we all have been blessed to experience here on Earth.  "Out"


Read by Kristen Turnow-Heintz (Niece)

“I Believe That Imagination Is Stronger than Knowledge –
Myth Is More Potent than History –
Dreams Are More Powerful than Facts –
Hope Always Triumphs over Experience –
Laughter Is the Cure for Grief –
Love Is Stronger than Death”

Death is simply a shedding of the physical body like the butterfly shedding its cocoon. It is a transition to a higher state of consciousness where you continue to perceive, to understand, to laugh, and to be able to grow. 

Good men must die, but death cannot kill their names.
--The Bible

My earliest recollection of my uncle was of him playing with me on my grandparents gold shag carpeting in their family room.  He used to hold me up by his feet and play airplane and then drop me out of the sky and hold me as tight as he could.  Bobby was not an uncle to me he was my big brother.  He was so patient with me.  He taught me how to ride a bike, shot hoops, and chew my grandfather Pop-o’s tobacco.  When my softball season ended and we won he took me to the local town bar, “Toby’s” and the bartender got me a small beer to celebrate my win.  He most loved to play tricks on me like telling me that I could have some of his coke a cola and the minute I took a sip of it I and realized it was black coffee.  When Bobby went out he dragged me along.  I knew all of his good friends like Carl Padovano, Mike Blake, Joe Ferranti, Matt Reilly, Caleb and Mike Duffy…The greatest thing about my uncle is that everywhere he went he made friends. I think his crazy red hair, warm smile, and humble body language attracted all types of wonderful people.  Bob was a genuine soul. He naturally loved people and the only people he didn’t like were some of our lying politicians!  He was very intelligent and had firm beliefs which he could always back up with facts.  He always encouraged me to read the Constitution and to get more involved in our country’s well-being.  I really admired him for that.  Bob was the son of a man who had served our country.  He had a great deal of respect for what his father and his father’s friends fought for. 

When Bob meant Karin his whole world came together.  After they got married and moved to Chicago I went up for my first visit.  After spending time with them it was so obvious that they were truly soul mates.  His “Ho-ho”.  In all the years growing up with Bob in whom I visited him at college several times, saw him in flight training, and hung out with him with his friends I never met any “girlfriend” of Bob’s.  Karin was his one and only true love.  He called the family right away after they met.  He knew she was the one.  While I stayed with them in Chicago the memory that sticks out the most for me is of him grilling on this tiny deck over a baby Smokey Joe grill.  Every night he would sit out stooped over his Smokey Joe grilling meat.  His long legs bent up so high that his knees were nearly touching his neck.  It is equally as important to mention that it was freezing in Chicago and he always had a scarf wrapped around his neck.  Bob never liked the cold.  He loved the warm weather. 

This leads me to all of his wonderful visits with his Mom, better known to all of us as Fa-Fa.  Bob was an excellent son.  He flew down to Florida at least 6-10 times a year and sometimes more when she needed him.  He was very handy and fixed anything that needed to be fixed.  He not only waxed her car every time he was there, but he would clean her tile floors.  He was a gentleman.  He took great care of his Mom.  They had a very special relationship. 

Bob’s sister, my Mom, Jeanne had a very special relationship with her brother as she was 13 years older than he.  She smothered him with love as a child and she was always very protective of him.  She always thought it was so funny how her baby brother had wanted black hair for Christmas.  Although Bob “the rooster” was never fortunate enough to attain black hair his beautiful son, Johnny got the gorgeous dark hair that Bobby had longed for.  When Johnny was born Bob and Karin were the happiest couple in the world.  Bob had always wanted kids so bad.  He was always flying up to see my children, Ashley and Joseph.  He would hug them until their eye balls were nearly popping out of their heads.  Johnny was like an absolute miracle to Bob.  He couldn’t wait to put him on a plane and bring him up North by all of us to see his beautiful baby boy.  As Johnny grew he quickly became an athlete like his father.  Every time I spoke to Bob or Karin they were off some where sometimes even another state for Johnny to play baseball or basketball.  When Johnny was 7, Karin and Bob had given birth to a gorgeous baby girl, Jamie.  When I asked how they picked out her name Bob told me that Johnny had.  Johnny immediately was very protective of his little sister and his love for her was so obvious.  My Mom and I flew to their home in Kentucky to see Jamie for the first time as she was only a couple of weeks old.  I still recall how Johnny watched everyone near his baby sister.  Throughout the years we have visited each other staying at each other’s homes.  Bob and Karin are two of the most devoted and loving parents I have ever witnessed.


I want to leave you with one last story about Bob Plump.  When he was in High School he was a superior basketball and track star.  I used to go up to Pascack Hills High School and watch Bobby run track.  He left everyone in the dust.  However, there was one match that will forever remain with me as it truly depicts Bob’s beautiful nature.  Another Pascack Hills High School student had never won a race as he always lagged behind Bob – but this one race Bob reached back and pulled his team mate through the finish line before him.  Bob was not about Bob.  Bob was about making others happy.  When Bob hugged his family he would bite his tongue and you could see on the side of the face the intensity of his love.  As you go through pictures in the slide show please notice Bob’s expression when he hugs a child.  His father, Pop-o did the same thing.  Bobby loved everyone – most importantly he loved Karin, Johnny, Jamie, his Mom, and his sister, Jeann-o. 

He is a man that should be remembered with kind eyes, kind words and a kind spirit.  He has been welcomed into God’s eternal home in Heaven. 

While we will forever miss Bob and grief the loss of his daily presence we all must remember that his legacy lives on with his two children and wife.  I beckon all of you over the next several weeks to write to his family about a memory or special moment that made your life fuller and richer because Robert Plump, Jr. offered you his smile, his friendship and his love.   

Read by friends of Bob.

Loving memories were also shared by Carl Padavano, his friend since birth.  Carl spoke about the love that Bob had for everyone.  Mike Blake, both his high school and college friend then shared some great stories about Bob and about the warmth that Bob displayed for everyone.  Bob's cousin Steven Plump then spoke for his entire family. The one thing that Steven and his brothers remember most about Bob was always laughing when they were in his presence.

Robert John Plump Jr. - (December 2, 1958 - May 7, 2010)

"You Will Never Be Forgotten...Ever"

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