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This is the place where Yankees fan can share just how fanatic they are! 
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Freddy Sez!

There has always been one Yankees fan who was "the best" Yankees fan ever.  Freddy Schuman, known as "Freddy Sez" was a local fixture at Yankees game for years and years  A resident of the Bronx, he was one of the best promoters for the Yankees and an avid fan that showed dedication like no other.  Feddie passed away in 2010 at the age of 85, but will be remembered forever as one of the greatest Yankees fan ever.

We all know one of the greatest moments in Yankees history was the final out of the 2000 World Series against the New York Mets.  Bernie Williams had the famous kneel down at the end of the game, but no commercial  photo of this majestic moment exists to this point.  Thanks to Jason K. as he sent in this great shot of him at Shea Stadium taken in 2006.  He is shown here recreating the famous kneel down made so historical by Bernie Williams after catching the final out off the bat of Mike Piazza.  Everyone in the stadium, as well as those at home, all thought that ball hit off the bat of Mike Piazza was going to head out of the park.  Whether it was meant to be or the Yankees gods at work, the ball felt short and into Bernie's glove.  The rest was history.  Thanks Jason for capturing and sharing this majestic moment!
You can follow Jason and all his Yankees and sports happenings on
Twitter: @JasonKlein24


Here are some great shots from Mark M.'s shrine in ON, Canada! Thanks for sharing Mark!


Here are some great shots from Bill Eagleburger from Festus, MO



Here, Bill gets to meet Derek Jeter at a Starbucks in Kansas City while on vacation seeing his Yankees play the Royals! What a chance meeting with the Captain!

Bill's dog Yogi!!!

And Bill's latest video on the remodeling of his office!  Awesome job Bill!

Wow, what a pool!  This is "Yankee Cove".  Sent in by John L. from Maryland.

Yoyo may be the next great Yankee to come! Keep practicing hard! He hails from Hsinchu, north of Taiwan.


Elijah and Mariano "MO" Rivera and his personal friend Sori.


A Collage of the 2005 Yankees Made by Tyaeya of Whitesboro, NY

An old Yankee Inflatable Sent in by an old Yankees fan!

Michael Law from Temple, Texas. What a Birthday Cake!


Stephen and Alissa at Yankee Stadium last year for a game against the Twins.  All the way from Minneapolis!

Here is Dana with Robin Ventura!

Katherine and Chris J. at Yankee Stadium!

Johnny at the World Series in 2003 showing his real colors! What a fan!

It's my dog Liberty and as you can see, she is not a Bo-Socks fan...


Congratulations to our newest Yankee fan!

NewYork Landry Hollis
7lbs 2oz
2/7/06 @ 6:09pm


Here are the Hollis' on vacation in beautiful Arlington Park cheering for the Yankees!


Here are some shots from John Hollis of Austin, Texas

These great photos compliments of:
Jim Servideo of Worcester, MA - Wow, what a deck and room!


Great Yankees Room by Jason from Swansea, MA


Here's a picture of Erica and Lizzy at Yankee Stadium on July 4th, 2003 against the Red Sox.

Corie Ryan's NEW Room - from Weyburn, Saskatchewan.  600 miles NW of Minneapolis. Great room Corie!

"I want to thank the good Lord for making me a Yankee fan" - Corie Ryan
Love the wallpaper? You can contact Corey at:


Claudia with Don Zimmer and Jason Giambi

A Great Mickey Mantle Pose and a Future Yankee!

Thanks to "The Gooch" from New York for the photo.

Brian (far right) met David Wells in the Sony Style store in New York City.

Here is Brian.  Now that is a true fan!  Thanks for the shot Brian.

Here is Bret enjoying the holiday in Ovid, New York!  Great hat Bret!

Here is a great shot of Andrew with Don Mattingly, his all-time favorite baseball player!
Also some great shots of his room and a shot with Mo.


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