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 Paul Doherty
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Paul has quite an extensive collection of YouTube videos highlighting a tremendous amount of New York Yankees History.  Below is a list of videos that Paul has shared with the baseball world.  Enjoy!


If you’re a part of Facebook (or want to be) I thought you’d be interested to know that YanksAtShea (my account at YouTube) now has a page at Facebook. If you want to be a “friend” of this new page click on the following link or search us on Facebook:

The videos at YouTube are also posted on this new page along with radio interviews I’ve done on WFAN and the Baseball Digest Podcast Show. My thanks to Jay Ferraro of BB Digest who helped coordinate this brand new page (some pix are posted there too). I’ll be making future appearances on his show, bringing along Yankee play-by-play clips and other fun NYY audio.

Join us there.

PD’s YouTube YanksAtShea links, 1/2011:


Bob Sings “Let Me Call You Sweetheart.” I didn’t post this, but they played this tape at the Stadium on OTD 7/17/2010 two days after Bob’s funeral (I’m trying to get a copy of the master; if I do I’ll send you a copy):



Bob’s extensive introductions at the refurbished Stadium’s Opening Day 1976 (damn, he sounds terrific!). His script was written by my friend Marty Appel, then Yankee PR director, and was the most elaborate program Bob ever delivered at the Stadium. See the then newly refurbished Stadium re-open with Mantle-DiMaggio-Whitey-Yogi-Elston-Larsen-Bobby Richardson-Frank Gifford-Joe Louis-Toots Shor-James Farley-Pete Sheehy-Mrs. Gehrig-Mrs. Ruth and members of the 1923 team in attendance. Also, this is the first time Bob intros Billy Martin as Yankee manager (Billy #1) and the first time he announced Willie Randolph’s name (who was making his Stadium debut).  Given its length, it’s in three parts:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


Bob’s introduction of “This high moment in Yankee history” at Mickey Mantle Day 1969 (6/8/1969)



A wonderful interview Bob did w/Frank Casey of INN/WPIX news on Opening Day 1988 (“That’s the joy of baseball, Frank. Baseball has a pace; a summertime pace.”) 



A lengthy feature interview Bob did w/Jeff Greenfield on CNN in 1999 (I provided the audio used in it): 



An interview Bob did w/Al Troutwig of MSN in April 1990 to celebrate his 40th anniversary w/the Yankees. I’m in the background in it somewhere:



In 1958 Bob did a game show w/his first wife (she died a year after the telecast). Listen to those 47 year old pipes of his:



Bob’s tribute to Frank Sinatra in 1998 (nobody buried them better than Bob): 



Pee Wee Reese tribute upon his death in August of 1999:



An spot Bob did in 1998: 




Bob Sheppard Day 2000, 5/7/2000 (4 parts):

Pt. 1:

Pt. 2:

Pt. 3:

Pt. 4:


The recreation of the line-ups from Game 5 of the 1951 World Series, 4/25/1999:




Bob’s pre-recorded Jeter intro (do you know Bob, during his in-Stadium career, never once uttered “Now batting?” It was a total urban legend. Guess Jeter believed the legend)



Eddie Layton (organist) from 1988 and one from 2001:


Toby Wright (organist) links from the Stadium in 1976:



Toby Wright (organist) links from Shea in 1975:


Paul Cartier (current weekday NYY organist):

YanksAtShea marks it's 40th season as a NY Yankees fan. It all startted with Sparky Lyle and the game finale profiled in this 1972 interview; Sparky struck out Ike Brown to save a 1-0 Yankee victory against Detroit in August of 1972 during the Yankes first pennant rade in 8 years. Long live the memory of the miracle of Sparky Lyle and 40 seasons of Yankees baseball.

YanksAtShea finds another archival goodie (some video-audio problems). Here's Mickey Mantle, the magnificent Yankee, hitting his last (unofficial) home run in the original Yankee Stadium. This is from Old Timer's Day 1973 and his buddy Whitey Ford serves up some nice ones for the homer finale (this is the last OTD in the original Yankee Stadium). Catch his first foul home run with Mel Allen encouraging him to "Straighten it out, Mick!!" This is as sentimental a favorite if ever there was one. Long live Mickey, Whitey, Mel Allen, and the memories of the original Yankee Stadium.


For those of you who remember the Yankees two seasons at Shea Stadium (1974-1975) you’ll recall the evening the Yankees celebrated the Army’s 200th Anniversary in June of 1975. To mark the occasion the Army staged a Twenty-One Gun Salute in the Shea outfield. Well, the gun’s blanks had such force they blew-out sections of the fences. Here are two news reports aired the following evening profiling the big, loud event including Walter Cronkite getting sardonic. Had only Bobby Bonds blown the fences out like the blanks from the Army’s cannons.

YanksAtShea brings you the New York Yankees most notorious moment of their two season sub-tenancy at Shea Stadium. Walter Cronkite wryly and dryly (this isn't Tet he talking about) tells us of the Yankees salute to the 200th Anniversary of the Army which got a little out of hand on a June night in 1975. The Army's cannons fired their 21 gun pre-game salute a little too close to those green, wooden Shea fences and...well, you'll see. Walter also gives the final scores. Shea Stadium never looked better. If only Bonds could have provided the same firepower for the Yankees that season.

Yankees 1975 - Cronkite on the Army's 21 Gun Salute at Shea Stadium, 6/10/1975


Yankees 1975 - NBC News on the Army's 21 Gun Salute at Shea Stadium, 6/10/1975


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