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- 1947 World Series Pennant Credit: Rich Maxson

- 1930s Yankees Vintage Pennant

- 1949 Yankees Roster Pennant

- 1940s Mini Yankees Pennant

- 1950s Uncle Sam Yankee Stadium Pennant

- 1950s Uncle Sam Yankees Pennant

- 1950s Uncle Sam Version 2 Yankees Pennant

- 1950s Yankees Souvenir Pennant

- Late 1950's / Early 1960s Yankees Pennant

- 1950s Bazooka Pennant

- 1957 AL Champs Yankees Pennant

- 1963 World Series

- 1969 Old Timer'Day Pennant - There is no evidence that this was given out to fans at the OTD game, but purchased at the gift shop.  In 1969, the gift shop was run by the Canteen Corporation.  Back then, the gift shop could produce what they wanted without permission from the New York Yankees. The Yankees themselves often had no idea what was for sale in the gift shop. (Source: Marty Appel)

- 1977-78 World Series

- 1977 World Series

- 1977 All-Star Game

- Late 1970's Yankees

- 1963 Yankees World Champions

- 1961 World Series Yankee Stadium

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