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Welcome to Brad's Road Trips Page.  Road Trips from all different sports will be posted here.  This page is currently under construction.  I will do my best to get this up and running during the 2009 season.  Thanks.

1.) Wrigley Field - May 2009 - Chicago Cubs Versus the Los Angeles Dodgers

2.) Wrigley Field - May 2007 - Chicago Cubs Versus the Milwaukee Brewers

3.) New York Islanders and the Albany River Rats Double Header - February 2008

4.) Yankees versus the Blue Jays at Old Yankee Stadium - April 2, 2008

5.) Yankees versus the New York Mets at the New Yankee Stadium - June 14, 2005 (Yankees 15 - Mets 0)

6.) Not baseball related, but here are pictures from my play on the Black Course at Bethpage, New York.  I played here just before the US Open was held there.  I played it in May of 2009.

7.) Tour of  old Yankee Stadium on April 9, 2008

8.) Yankees versus the World Champions Philadelphia Phillies on May 24, 2009 at the new Yankee Stadium.

9.) Yankees versus the Cleveland Indians on April 17, 2009

10.) Yankees versus the Rays at old Yankee Stadium on April 7, 2008


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