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 Let us work together and SAVE THE GATE!


Yankee Stadium

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Help preserve the gate at the Old Stadium.  If nothing is done, the old Yankee Stadium will be knocked down and almost nothing will be left to honor and remember this amazing stadium that has so much history and tradition.


Click Here for the Save the Gate Contact List and get involved today!

We're having a big event in New York on Tuesday, June 30.  Details to follow.  In the meantime, we're contacting the everyone from the Yankees to the City to the media, trying to prevent premature demolition of a national treasure.  We're also working on a top-of-the-line 3D animation & music video of the proposed monument, which will be placed on YouTube (and elsewhere) in about a week.  (Go to YouTube and type in SAVE THE GATE!) Here's the link to the Save the Gate Committee website.  Please distribute this to all Yankee fans, and all those around the country and world who believe that a historic part of Yankee Stadium must be saved as a memorial for present and future generations.
Here are some representative stories already done.  More to come, with new news.

Click Here for the Save the Gate Contact List and get involved today!

Fans Want to Preserve Piece of Yankee History

Photo: Peter Haskell

Posted: Monday, 22 June 2009 5:37PM

Fans Want to Preserve Piece of Yankee History

NEW YORK (WCBS 880)  -- The original Yankee Stadium is currently scheduled to be completely knocked down, making way for the new Heritage Field. However, a group of fans have expressed their sentimental attachment to the older building.

LISTEN: WCBS reporter Peter Haskell investigates the historic Yankee Stadium's future in a full-length conference call.

Many fans want Gate 2 to remain untouched when the original stadium is knocked down. WCBS reporter Peter Haskell said fans are worried that demolishing the old ball park entirely would erase an essential aspect of New York's Yankee


The gate is virtually unchanged since 1923, when the ball park was built, and the Star-Ledger says it is the most complete piece of the pre-renovated stadium. If left standing, the gate would serve as a historic reminder directly across 161st street from the new ball park.

The 10-acre Heritage Field is currently slated to cover the ball park's demolished space. The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation says the park would include three new athletic fields and newly planted trees and landscaping. Plans for a preserved Gate 2, however, aren't part of the blueprint yet.

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Here is the link to NYC Final Environmental Impact Statement for Yankee Stadium. 
This document supports that fact that Gate 2 is structurally sound and there are no issues what-so-ever regarding stability.


311 From Inside New York City, or
212-NEW-YORK (212-639-9675)  From Outside New York City
Stay on line for operator, which took less than a minute for each of the tree calls I made.  (If not fluent in Spanish, one needs only to press 1 for English; otherwise, you'll need only to wait.)
The operator will greet you and ask the purpose of your call.  They only want/understand short answers.  I found it best to say:  Hi.  I'm calling to register an official complaint with the City about the Parks Department's decision to destroy Gate 2 at Yankee Stadium and request that a public hearing be held to reverse that decision.  These go to the Park's Department, but are recorded and tracked also with the City's main complaint and request office, thus serving somewhat as a check-and-balance on the Parks Department..
Giving your telephone number, address, and email address, are all optional.  If you do, they promise a response in 14 days.  Proof of City residence was not requested, or apparently required.
I believe it would be a very good recommendation for people to start calling the City and registering this complaint and request.  It will appeal to many people not inclined to write, as it is so easy to do.  It will also serve as another wake-up call for the City.
Of course, for the Mayor's email is also a great place to protest the demolition and request a hearing.  This can be done in ADDITION to the phone complaint and request:
Also loudly letting them know about our concerns -  letters, complaints and requests can also be easily faxed, which, of course, allows more specificity and elaboration.  I think it would be a great idea to update the on-line Bloomberg letter and provide people the Mayor's fax number. 
212-312-0700 Fax

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